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CRAFT is a place for creativity, and we have a passion for blending art, design, food and nature. If you love design, we have a jewellery workshop run by Ammo Jewellery, where you can join us to learn the craft of jewellery making and coconut carving. For food lovers, The Veg G Table Café serves delicious vegetarian dishes from all over the world, and we welcome you to visit our design workshop & cafe in Siem Reap!

Craft is now officially lunched

We officially launched our new business name - CRAFT on the 6th and 7th of August, and with fantastic weather and a great crowd, it was a wonderful weekend! Both the Ammo workshop and The Veg G Table Cafe welcomed many visitors from Siem Reap and all over the world,...

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Who are the jewellers at Ammo Designs?

If you are wondering who makes all our jewellery collections, then read here to find out all about the talented Cambodians designing and creating in our workshop!  Afoo is a new team member, and comes from background of wood making in Siem Reap province. He has...

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Coconut Carving Workshop

As part of our mission to support local craftspeople and artisans, we have begun to run weekly coconut carving workshops with artist Seavyi Yonn. Its an easy and fun two hour class where you can learn all about the wonderfully versitile coconut, and its many uses!...

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Brass jewellery

Are you feeling inspired by Cambodia? Then why not create your very own piece of craft with us in a Brass Jewellery Workshop.

Workshop Details

  • Heat metal using traditional blowtorch
  • Create patterns with hand-made Cambodian stamping tools
  • Cut & form your metal into design
  • Classes run from 9am -11:30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 1,5 hours Workshop $32.00
  • 2,5 hours Workshop $60.00
  • 5 people maximum
  • Suitable for age 10+
  • Booking required 2 days in advance


Enjoy a Crafternoon with a local artisan try coconut carving, and emerse yourself in Khmer Culture.

Workshop Details

  • Khmer Culture Shock Session
  • Khmer Language
  • Introduction to Coconuts
  • Cutting and Carving
  • Design ideas
  • 2:00 – 4:30 pm
  • 8 people maximum
  • Every weekend
  • Weekday on appointment
  • Price $18 Pax


  • Your own creation
  • A beautiful jewellery
  • Khmer lesson
  • Tea
  • Free Pick Up


Madeline Green

CRAFT & Ammo – Founder
I love contemporary design, and traditional skills, and most of all, working with Cambodians!

Ammo Team

Our young designers are from Siem Reap province, and use their skills to help support their families. Each week there are new creations for you to see, and the team would love to meet you, so see you soon!

Goulven Lego (aka “G”)

The Veg G Table – Founder
Just because there isn’t any meat, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious!